About Sandra and Sam.

Sandra O’Claire fostered an early passion; she formally studied, developed and transformed a love from as far back as her childhood into the successful business that is Eau Claire Photographics is today. Sandra has about 20 years’ professional photography experience and defines her style as “natural and in the moment”.

Working as a commercial photographer, she has been published in Vanity Fair, Fitness Magazine, and Food and Wine to name just a few. She started Eau Claire Photographics in 2001 in New Orleans. Following hurricane Katrina, Sandra went to NYC and spent four years photographing weddings there, and around the country. Returning to New Orleans in 2009, to photograph the Southern weddings she loves.

Sam Hanna grew up in London and has experience both in publishing and photography. Sam also works as a commercial photographer specializing in culinary photography. Sam has an impressive list of national and local clients. He has recently completed and published a photography book called Fun, Funky and Fabulous, and delivered the photography for Poppy Tooker’s, Tujague’s Cookbook.

Sam and Sandra met through mutual photography interests in 2009 following her return to New Orleans. With synergies immediately apparent between the two, he joined Eau Claire Photographics that same year.

In 2013, Sam and Sandra combined their passions, along with a few other things! They got married and became the successful and talented husband and wife photography team that is Eau Claire Photographics.